The Gypsy's Cauldron
Dina LeDuke, Proprietress

Located at The Sturbridge Marketplace
559 Main Street
Sturbridge, MA 01518
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Our magical merchandise represents all of the places that the Gypsies (Romany) have traveled
since ancient times. Their journey began over a thousand years ago in India, and eventually
took them throughout the Near East, North Africa, Europe, and America. The Gypsy's
Cauldron offers the would-be traveler a little taste of all these places, in our products:

*Gifts * Jewelry * Clothing * Costumes *Accessories * Books * Statues * Incense * Tarot Cards *
Candles * Oils * Henna * Drums * Stones * Spells * Potions * Cauldrons ...and more!

We also offer workshops in magical subjects, as well as the service of psychic consultation.
Our Proprietress, Madame Dina LeDuke, is an ordained Priestess, a psychic medium, and a
skilled Tarot Reader. Please click the links below for more details!