The Gypsy's Cauldron
Dina LeDuke, Proprietress

Located at The Sturbridge Marketplace
559 Main Street, Suite 305
Sturbridge, MA 01518

Tue-Sat 12:30-5:30
By Chance and By Appointment

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You will find a sampling of magical items from many different cultures at The Gypsy's Cauldron. We
feature products from the spiritual traditions of India, the Near East, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe,
and the Americas, being some of the places that the Gypsies (Romany) have travelled. We are not the
"typical" New Age / Celtic / Fantasy witch shop ~ you won't find fairy statues here ~ but if you're looking
for scented magical oils, saint candles, conjure powders, evil eye talismans, belly dance wear, Egyptian
statues, or other such  exotic items, then we are the right shop for you.

Jewelry * Clothing * Costumes * Books * Statues * Incense & Incense Burners * Tarot Decks * Candles *
Oils & Oil Diffusers * Henna Cones * Spell Supplies * Cauldrons ...and more!

We also offer services of psychic consultation. Our Proprietress, Mme Dina LeDuke, is a trained Psychic
Medium, a skilled Tarot Reader, and a Reiki Healer. She is available during regular store hours and also
by appointment.

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